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Bart Picqueur is a clarinet player, conductor and composer of wind band music

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MINOR SCALE MUSIC is home to composers of all ages and degrees of experience in the field of wind band music and its broad surroundings. Founder BART PICQUEUR, alongside famous Spanish master Teo Aparicio Barberán, Promising youngsters such as Obe Vermeulen, Joachim Simoens, Kobe Janssens, Ward Dierick and Bart Leys. They all have in comon their urge for adventurous composition, in an environment of total artistic freedom. Browse around our shop and find original music for your professional or amateur group, your school band, your university wind orchestra. Our catalogue is not giant but it is expanding with the day. We are proud to provide you high standard materials. Take a seat, browse around, have a listen. The Minor Scale Music Team

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