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Minor Scale Music is really honoured to present a piece by Maestro Teo Aparicio-Barberán. The piece is a simple tribute to one of the most talented Cuban composers of the 20th century: Alejandro García Caturla (1906-1940). Caturla is considered, along with Amadeo Roldán, the pioneer of modern Cuban symphonic music. At the age of 16, already being a professional violinist, he completed his studies in Paris. From a very young age he began to compose works inspired by the roots of Cuban music. However, economic needs did not allow him to live solely on music and he had to study law, a profession that he practiced, first as a lawyer and later as a judge. In this activity, he would lose his life, when he was assassinated on November 12, 1940, at only 34 years old, by a young man whom he had to judge that same day.


On a trip that Teo made to Havana in 2004 to conduct a concert on the occasion of the 105th Anniversary of the national concert band of the Cuban capital, he had the opportunity to see part of their work as the concert program included their piece "Scright". Like all García Caturla's music, “Scright” exuded originality and freshness without giving up its Cuban roots.  “A Caturla Tribute” tries to somehow vindicate the figure of the Cuban composer by collecting some “essences” of his music and giving them a harmonic and structural treatment, let's say, complementary, but according to the original motivational material.

A Caturla Tribute - Teo Aparicio-Barberán

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  • Teo Aparicio-Barberán

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